Saturday, 10 July 2010

Camp Blood!

Greetings! Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. When summer arrives it means getting out and enjoying the sun, perhaps go camping or something. I went camping a fortnight ago for a few days and had a really good time but couldn't help but keep thinking of that comedy classic Camp Blood. Now I've just uploaded the review of this gem to Youtube so if anyone is reading this update I'm pretty sure you'll have cast your eyes over the review. Did it make you want to go out and pitch a tent? I personally wanted to kill my brain cells with more beer but I have to say, I had fun reviewing it and pulling it to pieces because it's so bad. Just remember though people, if you go camping, you don't want to go to camp blood!
Shot past 1,000 subscribers last week which is amazing, so thank you to everyone who watches the videos. I even want to take the time to mention the dozen or so "hard core" fans who message me every few days telling me I rule and that I should review this and that. Bless their little cotton socks.
On the topic of asking for films to be reviewed, I'm happy to pretty much take a stab at anything but with some stuff I've just never heard of it and when looking into it to do research on it I just can't get my hands on the Goddamn things. I've recently kept taking a trip to pound shops to see what crap they sell on DVD but other than Camp Blood, Demonic Toys and Demons 2 they have nothing at all worth wasting a pound coin on. Saying this, my latest purchase has to be the most terrible film in existence. Yes, it's that bad, trust me. I've actually completed a review it in the past few days so that'll be uploaded for you all to see in about two weeks time. Oh, and if you have read this far and are curious as to what this dull suicide inducing movie is called then here you are: Grim Weekend.
Remember Professor Bruce? You know, that guy who pops up every now and then looking like a hobo and thinks he's a professor? No? Well, that doesn't matter too much but regardless of this fact, he'll be returning to a few Shitcase Cinema reviews in the very near future. I filmed a few little scenes with him last week and they'll be used in a couple of different videos just to make it look like he actually makes an effort to show his face! He's not lazy, he just can't be fucking bothered! Is that classed as lazy? Yeah, I believe so. So for my own amusement, as is always the case with every review I make, I've had little digs at Professor Bruce, which I'm sure he really loves deep down.
As as a little bonus treat for you handful of brave souls who have read this far, I'll let you know what the next review is going to be. You ready? Do a fake drum roll, please. Oh the tension is building!! Broken Arrow. What, you're disappointed? Piss off! It also includes an exclusive diary that I kept on Professor Bruce just for a chuckle. Added value and all that. I really do rule, don't I? I think fans of Shitcase Cinema must be the most intelligent and astute people in the world.
So, I think this is enough for now. I'm going to go set up my tent now and look to the sky for a giant floating stone head called Zardoz. Don't go to camp blood! Cheers! John.

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