Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Last update for a while...

I can't say this is the last blog for a while because I hardly do them anyway. Hmmm, it's so strange. Any way, here's hoping you're all slow readers and it will take you three months to read this, by which time I will be more or less back home and ready to take on more shitty movies to review. Wow.
So, let's play catch-up on recent reviews. Ooo Killjoy. Shall I go there again? Ah, why not. That film is absolutely shocking but I had a good laugh watching it because it's so bad it has to be seen. Or you could just keep re-watching my review and you know, tell your friends to watch it too. Go on, be a good person.
I finally got around to completing that Cyborg Cop trilogy. Zardoz gave me the strength to manage it and so wearing a bumbag (or fanny pack haha!) I got through all three movies without too much pain. I enjoyed reviewing them, good chuckle.
Done other random stuff like Manos (Jesus Christ!...no, Manos is not Jesus Christ, you must understand), Arachnophobia and Prince of Darkness. See, the weird thing is, some people message me asking me to review "more up to date film" or "good films". Why? OK, so I decided to do Arachnophobia, which is fairly new compared to most stuff I review and a pretty good movie. What happens? Some people moan saying I should stick to crappy older films because my reviews are funnier of those. Thanks very much, guess I can't please everyone but oh well.
Funnily enough when I did Manos a few people said don't review films this old. Man alive, what are you people wanting from me?! I'm glad I'm taking a break now!!
Hope you enjoyed Cliffhanger as a send off. I was struggling before the general Saturday release date for my reviews and I had no idea of what to comment on in the film or whatever else. I pretty much made a few notes to myself and then went with the flow, so something like the comment on Hal being a gay rapist wanting to take the young climbers to his rape dungeon just came out of nowhere. I thought that was hilarious but nobody else seems to think so. The Lego Man ending was done first so I had to then actually review the film itself. As long as I can chuckle that's all I'm bothered about. Thanks to everyone who does watch and leave nice positive remarks - yes, over 3000 of you know, the legend of Shitcase Cinema keeps on spreading! I guess this is a good thing. The world will be set to rights once Shitcase Cinema becomes the #1 show in the world and I become rich and famous. Oh yes, it will happen, oh yes. Maybe. Doubtful. One can dream I guess.
So, that's it from me. Stay out of trouble (maybe just stay in doors and watch shitty films?), eat your greens, spread the word, worship Zardoz and all other Shitcase Legends and I'll be back.
John 26th July 2011.