Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Shitcase Cinema hiatus

Yes, folks, from early August Shitcase Cinema will be on a lengthy hiatus for possibly 6 months. Why? Because I'm going to go hunt some ninjas in New Zealand. Yeah, I'm going backpacking so any New Zealand fans out there this could be your chance to meet your hero in the flesh. I'll miss doing the reviews and I'm sure some of you will miss watching them. The Facebook group will still remain a lively place I'm sure so get yourself on there if you're not a member.

The next review will be Nightmare on Elm Street 5. It's such a bad film and I didn't think I'd ever want to go near it for a review but here we go. Got a few fan clips in there, so thanks to those guys for sending them in. Not sure what other reviews will be forthcoming before I go away as my mind is on other things right now.

And just for the sake of being random here is a photo of Maggot Man beating up Professor Bruce because he's a fat lazy professor and I'm sure fans like to see him in pain and what not. I know I do!

Oh, Bruce is working on a new song (a Van Damme one). I wrote the lyrics to poke fun at Bruce. Stay tuned for that, coming soon!

And one final thing, I have to say that Diamond Ninja Force is the most mental film I have ever seen and I think the review I did has instantly become one of my favourites ever. Oh, and if you were wondering why Maggot Man did a solo review it's because Professor Bruce is still wondering what to review months after I asked him for a solo review.

Hope you enjoyed our one and only live web chat video we did the other week. It was short notice so not many people tuned in live to see us but there is an edited 20 minute version on our Facebook group to watch back, so enjoy that.

So keep your eyes turned towards the sky because Zardoz will fly by one day as Shitcase Cinema will return one day. Thanks for the support over the years guys, it's greatly appreciated.
John 12 / 06 / 2013