Sunday, 5 August 2012

Future plans for Shitcase Cinema

Yo, what's up? Are you shell shocked I've followed up the previous blog update so quickly? I really do rock. Good.
So we've launched our own official online store, Zardoz approved it so we went through with it after much discussion. So far I think we've sold exactly two t-shirts to date, so thanks guys (or girls). If we keep this up at the commission rate we get we'll get super rich super quick! Whatever.
I've been working on a new silly rap for a new review. The first one I did for El Chupacabra went down really well and I'm really proud of it and I had a lot of fun making it. I feel that when I do things in the 'pirate' voice I can enter a totally different mind frame and be totally mental. Honestly, just speaking in that voice really does open up a new creative section in my warped mind. I guess being in 'character' allows you to be anything you want. This new rap will appear in a future review of a film called 'Octopus'. I'm going to stick my neck out and say it's better than the 'Shitcase Rap' which appeared in El Chupacabra. I should become a full time rapper, but I don't really like rap so go figure. It's just more fun to do songs this way and allows me to be supid. Sure, I've done short songs in People Under The Stairs or Arachnophobia for example, but that's simply me singing normally with my guitar. Anyway.
So Professor Bruce is working on a solo review. Yeah it's like his 4th review in the past 4 years, Jesus Christ, hold on tight folks! He's so productive. I keep trying to find ways to bring him into film reviews but it's tough cos he's got no real knowledge of films apart from Star Wars and stuff like that. Myself and 'Maggot Man' try to educate him. And beat him up. And hit him in the balls. It's all fun.
Did I mention in the last blog about our 'The Thing' audio commentary we recorded? Perhaps, I don't know. Any way, check it, and look at the photo of us sitting around half drunk acting like goons. Nice.
So as an exclusive for people who bother to read this blog, the next few film reviews will be 'Dead, Undead' which is a bullshit film but the review is great (obviously), Prof Bruce's review (some Star Wars related thing, obviously), and Octopus featuring the new rap song. I'm very tempted to make new daft raps for Halloween and Christmas. We'll see. I'm feeling very productive currently and have a whole heap of ideas ready to go. I really deserve my own TV show on some hip channel so I can step things up 100x. Yo, go email TV channels now and tell them about Shitcase Cinema! Good idea.
Bye for now, John 5th August 2012