Monday, 21 December 2009

Ending 2009...

2009 is coming to a close and what has Shitcase Cinema done in the past 12 months? Well, many films have gone under the knife and few have come out with any credit or a decent rating to their name. As I type this, Shitcase Cinema has a total of 418 subscribers, which compared to many people out there this is practically nothing but so what? I'm over the moon that this many people thought enough of Shitcase Cinema that they subscribe in order to see what more crap I can come out with. So a sincere thank you to you all. I do this purely to amuse myself, so the fact that I can entertain a few others along the way is a rewarding plus point.
Still to come in the remainder of 2009 are a review of Carnosaur 2 and a 9th bloopers reel - the thing with the bloopers stuff is it amuses me on some level but it frustrates me more than anything, seeing the amont of times I basically mess up my lines and become frustrated and angry. If anyone else finds these a chuckle to see then great, if not, so what.
I don't have anything ready in the can for 2010, I really don't have any ideas of what to tackle next. I have a list as long as my arm of requests from people, which I will try to honour in time but it's getting harder and harder as I'm only one guy. A film called Frankenhooker may be the first review for 2010 but we'll have to wait and see.
February 2010 will see the 2 year anniversary of Shitcase Cinema. I can't believe it'll be basically two whole years since I started reviewing shitty movies as something to kill the free time I had on my hands but it's certainly been fun. I'd like to get a few fans involved in a special video if possible. I'm not sure how or what kind of angle I'd go for with the video but it'd be nice I think. Who knows.
Everybody has different tastes but for me I think the most satisfying reviews would have to be Escape From LA, Universal Solder Return, Death Ring, Vertical Limit, Batman series and perhaps Deathrace 2000. I like a lot of the videos but don't want to name them all. There's a few I'm not really fond of and try to pretend they exist, namely Rocky 6 (because it's an awfully made review due to many problems), Labyrinth (because everyone pissed and moaned at me) and probably Golden Ninja Warrior (because although the review itself isn't bad I had to re-edit it quickly and re-upload it erasing all the topless women shots).
Thanks go to everyone who has featured in small roles in several videos and also thanks to DJ-Not-I for his couple of remixes of the theme song.
I may update this blog from time with random Shitcase related nonsense so stay tuned.
John 21st Dec 2009.