Sunday, 8 July 2012

First update of 2012, wow!

Yeah I know I've been very lazy when it comes to this blogging update business but I've not heard anyone complain so therefore it means nobody reads these so I'm off the hook. Good.
Plenty of stuff to catch up on since my last update in December such as the fact that Shitcase Cinema passed 5,000 Youtube subscribers recently. Doesn't sound like all that much when you think about it but I'm pleased that this amount of people take interest. Strange how videos never get more than 2/3,000 views initially but whatever. It's still amazing.
So what can I talk about? I know, did you know that Zardoz is almighty and needs worshiping? I'm sure you do. Well, how about I tell you about the issue we had with Youtube/Fox with our Zardoz movie review. Oh yeah, what a load of bollocks that was! It had been on Youtube for about 2 years and suddenly it was taken down and put our account in bad stead. You wankers! Naturally I was not impressed, it's not like I'd just uploaded the entire film illegally or something mental, it was a daft tongue in cheek movie review and if anything I've helped spread the word of the movie and helped it make some money as I know people have gone out and bought the DVD after seeing my review. So fuck you Fox! In fact I think those arseholes should write to me with an apology and send me some money for my efforts in spreading the love of seeing Sean Connery in red nappy's running around with his sexy tash and pony tail - gives me an idea to embarrass Professor Bruce, haha!
You may have seen the music video we did in response to this fiasco, which we named 'The Copyright Song' in which we sang about Zardoz and had a dig at Fox in our own silly mental way. We were proud of what we did. In the end Youtube and Fox caved in to the almighty power that is Shitcase Cinema and the video was reinstated. Justice was done.
What else can I catch up on? Erm, well, the Shitcase laptop died a few months ago after a few years of solid service. I was gutted and devastated but thank God I was able to save all the data - cost over £100 to get the data saved, good old PC World. I have to give out a huge shout to one Shitcase fan named Kevin, who took it upon himself to organize a fundraiser. I was absolutely humbled and amazed by this and in the end £65 was raised which really took my breath away. It really makes me understand that what I do means something to people and they appreciate what I do. Brilliant.
Did you see our 'Bennett Song'? It was our tribute to our favourite bad guy from Commando. It was literally 3 years in the making, which sounds ridiculous but from the point at which we started the idea to when it was finished it was literally 3 years. I nagged at Bruce for all those years to get it finished and despite periods when it seemed like it would never make it, we got there. I'm very proud of it, it's us having a laugh and whether people liked the final song and silly video we filmed, we're pleased with the outcome. Fact.
A few months ago we recorded an audio commentary for Commando. Along with Prof Bruce and myself was 'Maggot Man'. It was a first time thing and if you've heard the file (which is available to download from our official Soundcloud site for free) you may catch on that we were new to the idea of talking for 85 minutes straight about a film. I've listened to it back myself and I think we did a decent job overall, it's amusing at times, insightful and interesting to listen to three goons half drunk.
I'll quickly mention our Expendables spoof episodes we've done. Erm, not many people watched them and the feedback wasn't very positive overall. The thing is, this has nothing to do with Shitcase Cinema, it just so happens I uploaded our two episodes on the Shitcase account. We know it's poorly acted, badly filmed and looks like it's been filmed after a few beers. This is because this was the case. I wrote a few pages out of a silly idea for myself and my friends to film when we had some spare time together and we had a laugh making it. We did it for our own amusement more than anything. The bizarre thing is a few people actually posted really negative comments on the videos which I had to delete and they felt the need to unsubscribe from our channel. You sad pathetic losers. Seriously.
Before I wrap this blog up and neglect it again for several months I'll briefly mention we are opening an official store where you can buy t-shirts and mugs and all that jazz. We sent out one t-shirt to one lucky winner from the Commando audio commentary (yes, there was a chance to win a free t-shirt, bet you wish you'd listened to it now, don't you!). As I type this I believe the lazy Prof Bruce is just fine touching the online store so if you feel like buying a t-shirt or something then please do - it'll help spread the word of Shitcase Cinema!
So I'll leave this here so I can go find SUSAN! She's still lost and I'm still looking for her. Thanks to everyone who watches and I'd just like to give a huge shout out to the Facebook group who are an amazing bunch of people and there's a lot of great movie related discussion on a daily basis. If you're not a member please join us to chat to like minded people, it's becoming a wonderful little community!
Cheers, all the best. John 8th July 2012