Monday, 1 March 2010

What will March bring Mr. Shitcase?

Hello. How are you? Have you been watching shitty films religiously? I sure hope so. If not, you are unworthy. Indeed!
So, what's new? Yesterday I uploaded the review of Passenger 57. I know it's not a majorly bad film but I personally felt a stock action film needed to be Shitcased. Plus, it's another film to tick off the endless list of requests I get. Speaking of said list, it's growing beyond my control and there is no way I can possibly keep up with the requests nor even get my hands on many of the films for that matter! Even if I were a supreme ninja like Richard Harrison I wouldn't be able to manage it. Damn, I am now unworthy.
Professor Bruce returned a few days ago from time travelling, so he was able to spare a little time to film some footage, so you'll seeing his face once again in the near future - aren't you a lucky bunch! I bet you can't wait and are already counting down the seconds!
Any way, I can tell you now that the next two reviews will be: Puppetmaster and then Death Warrant. I know this because I went to a fortune teller and she told me so it must be true - I had better get my arse in gear and start making them! Oh, wait, they're already done. Wow, this is amazing. I am now worthy again. Oh my Gaaaaawd!
Thanks to everyone who have been leaving nice comments on recent reviews and sending in messages to me, it's always appreciated and makes me want to buy you a beer but I think it's best if I just drink it myself, so that I am able to continue putting myself through the torture of shit films.
Cheers, John. 1st March 2010.