Sunday, 4 November 2012

The end of Shitcase Cinema...

It is with much regret and sadness that I announce the end of Shitcase Cinema. Thanks to all the millions of fans for making me super rich from my videos and making me world famous. It's been fun.

Actually, scratch that. Shitcase Cinema is now officially back after mere seconds. Oh, and for the record I haven't become super rich nor am I famous. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Shitcase Cinema becomes an established name and people will be having Shitcase Cinema themed parties dressing up as Johnny Shitcase or Professor Bruce (make sure you start eating all the pies early for an authentic look!). Funnily enough I mentioned in the review for My Bloody Valentine last week that people should make Professor Bruce masks for Halloween. Go on, do it, I'm sure one person out there will try it. Actually, this gives me an idea for a future video.

So what is new in the land of Shitcase Cinema? The last blog update was in August so 3 months seemed like a good time for a new update. Before the My Bloody Valentine review I took a month long break doing reviews as basically I was struggling for things to say to keep it fresh and entertaining for people to watch and also keep it fun for myself. During that month I still made the review for MBV (which took ages), recorded a new film audio commentary with Prof Bruce and Maggit for The Lost Boys (should be available to download and listen to soon), a second 'Shitcast' video once again with the two testicles known as Prof Bruce and Maggit. Oh, and a week in Las Vegas to attend the first ever Shitcase Cinema convention! Yes, we flew out there ready to be greeted by screaming fans at the airport but alas nobody turned up. So I just annoyed Bruce for a week for my own amusement! Result! In fact, I'm sure Prof Bruce would love for me to tell you a few little stories involving him so the entire world can laugh. OK, let's do it. See the photo of him? All those science qualifications and intelligence can't save Bruce from getting his fat finger stuck in a water flask. Bruce was panicking. I laughed. The best story ever though has to be from a night out. We were all pretty damn drunk, Maggit had left us to chase some woman, I'd got chatting to a nice woman myself at a bar and we all went our drunken separate ways. Bruce's night turned into a trip to McDonald's for food. From what I remember of his tale (I was laughing too much to hear his tale every time he told it) he drunkenly ordered his food, dropped his food all over the floor outside and stood there staring at it for 5 minutes wondering if the 5 second rule of picking something up off of the floor applied in America. In the end he walked back to the hotel with no food. I would give anything to have video footage of this.

Going back to the Shitcast videos briefly, these appear only on the Facebook group as an exclusive (unless some clever fan somehow rips it and puts it on Youtube or whatever). They're fun to make as we simply sit, drink booze and be ourselves chatting about new movies coming out. We've made two so far and the aim is to make one a month, just as something a bit different for fans to watch if they care to.

Who liked the review for Nightmare On Elm Street 2? I got a few fans to send in clips for that video which is always fun to do. Man, reviewing that film was hard work even though there's so much to take the piss out of. I enjoyed the little skit which involved us running like Freddy. If you look at the clock on the wall you'll see how late it was when we filmed that. I have some footage of outtakes and bloopers from filming that skit as we'd been drinking all night and I was slurring my words. Still, it's all part of being a supreme ninja.
Robocop 3 is the latest review as I type this, which I uploaded yesterday. I'm not kidding, I had so much trouble putting that video together. Ripping the DVD and changing file formats took hours and hours. The real bitch was getting my camcorder footage onto the laptop. It just wouldn't acknowledge the connection. I tried and tried and tried, getting more pissed off as time went on. Finally sometime Friday evening it decided to work, so all Friday night and some of Saturday evening was spent editing the entire video. I felt like taking another month break!

So thanks for reading, you instantly become a supreme Zardoz follower with ultimate ninja powers. If you pass by the new forum or the Facebook group leave Prof Bruce messages poking fun at him about his McDonald's. Maybe I should make up t-shirts poking fun at him and sell them on the Shitcase online store, it'd be a Christmas best seller! Spread the Shitcase word people and I'll buy you all a drink one day!
John 4th November 2012