Saturday, 21 August 2010

August Shitcase update

Hello. I've been meaning to do an update for a few weeks but when there's crappy films in my way it's hard to get distracted, you know how it is. Perhaps.
So there's not much really to update you on with regards to Shitcase Cinema. Since the last update I've done a few reviews on epic tales such as Deep Blue Sea, Grim Weekend, Dead Man's Hand and other crap. Hope a few people out there watched them and enjoyed them. Anyone? Not many people seem to read these updates here but that's OK. For you few who do it's kind of like a special secret fan section, isn't it? Well, maybe not, but just pretend it is. Added value.
Much say a huge thank you to fans and subscribers who have said some very lovely and humbling things about my style of reviewing films. I appreciate it so much. And yes, I whole heartedly agree with a few of you, I SHOULD be famous and have my own TV show haha!
There's a few films I would love to do but like I say to people who message me, I have a hard time getting my hands on a lot of movies. I might ask Professor Bruce to go in his time machine and go grab me a bunch of DVDs from recent years and also the future. Not heard from him fora while since I started publicly putting him down in several recent reviews. Very strange boy.
Today's review was Octopus 2. I've had it on DVD for years. It came free with my DVD player in about 2002. I always thought it was boring more than anything, so I decided a few weeks ago to watch it again for a review. Jesus, I laughed so much. It's so bad it should be more well known. Perhaps with the review I put up today it will catch on with people who love shit films. The CGI jumping out of the statue of Liberty scene had me in stitches it is so hilariously bad.
What's forthcoming then? Well, Bubba Ho-Tep is next as I finished making that review a few days ago. I like the film and the review is quite amusing too. When I first starting doing Shitcase reviews I didn't make them as amusing as they are now, it was about 80% of me moaning and saying things were shit, but as time has gone on I changed the style and let me sarcastic nature come in and I'd say now it's only about 30% me slagging off films no matter how bad. I can easily make reviews on films I love, yet do it in a style that according to quite a few people is quite unique and amusing. See Big Trouble in Little China for an example.
A lot of people said they loved the Broken Arrow Shitcase theme, and I personally love it myself, so thanks for DJ Not-I for the help with that. Some people wanted it to stay as the main theme but it just wouldn't work. It's the Broken Arrow them for God's sake, will you settle down? "We're looking for her! SUSAN!"
Ah yes, that great line from Grim Weekend. What more can I say other than "SUSAN!"? I do this on a regular basis. I may set it as my ring tone on my mobile phone as I currently have "OH MY GOD!" as my message alert. And no, I'm not giving out my number before you ask. You can have Bruce's though if you like? He doesn't have a phone if you were wondering, being a homeless hobo is a hard life. Poor bloke.
A number of people keep trying to add me as a "friend" on Facebook. I have to say, this is weird. Some people add anyone whereas I've never understood this. I only add people I know in person. Sorry about that, it's nothing personal but you must understand.
I mentioned something a bit back about making a one-off video for Facebook but I'm not sure about that anymore mainly because A) I can't think of anything B) It'd be bloody stupid to do it when I can put it on Youtube for more people to view C) I can't be bothered and D) A-C are good reasons so I don't need a D. Hmmmm.
Chow for now, thanks to everyone who watches, leaves messages and spreads the word. Tell your family, friends and random people about Shitcase Cinema. I might buy you a drink in the future for it. ZARDOZ!

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