Saturday, 12 June 2010

I'm, wait. June.

It's not like I even left for long from reviewing films as there was only a break of a single week without a video uploaded. I don't think anyone will have noticed either way. The subscribers total has creeped up to 901 as of today, which is amazing. Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic there! It's wonderful that people all over the world watch them because my family and friends lack the decency to support and watch them (except my brother and one single friend) so it's great that someone from, say a small island in the middle of nowhere, will watch my videos and leave nice comments. Cheers!
Plan 9 From Outer Space is the latest film to be reviewed by my humble self and I had a blast making it. It is regarded as a joke of a movie, and it's obvious to see why so I hope people enjoy the review I did. Anyone with half a brain will pick up on all the points I did.
Last week I bought a crappy DVD from a quid shop for a laugh. I certainly got a laugh out of it because it's fucking awful in both the best and worse sense. It is literally something a small group of friends have made together with a free weekend using a camcorder! This gem is called Camp Blood and will certainly be a future review indeed! I won't go on about it here though, you can hear all about it in the review when it pops up in perhaps a few weeks time.
On the other end of the scale I watched a good film this week (something I seldom do!) called Gran Torino. I'd heard good things about it and Clint Eastwood is a living (just about) legend so I picked it up on DVD. It's certainly a good touching film with a lot of messages in there but I felt slightly disappointed with the ending somewhat. It's a sad ending but it just didn't quite have the right level of satisfaction for me. However, the music at the end is one of the most tender emotional songs I have heard in my life, beautiful.
And for the two or three people who read these updates (or blogs or diary updates, etc) I'll let you know now that the next two upcoming reviews shall be: Demonic Toys and then Pet Sematary. This is a fact because they're both complete and ready to be uploaded. I have to say, I do like my Pet Semetary review a lot, one of my personal favourites I think.
So, thanks everyone, bye for now and see you in the next review!

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