Thursday, 24 March 2011

It's been a while...

I just realised it's over 3 months since I did a blog here for Shitcase Cinema. Or a diary. Or update. Or whatever the hell you want to call it. I don't think many read these blogs (or diary updates!) cos let's face it, there's these amazing videos out there of movie reviews on a Youtube channel called Shitcase Cinema. This is true, go watch a few after you've finished reading this!
Last week I didn't upload a video. The reason? Zardoz wouldn't allow it. He came floating through the sky and told me that because I was so great and did new videos every Saturday to entertain people that I could take a short break. Thanks Zardoz! The fact that I couldn't be bothered had nothing to do with this.
So what shitty films has everyone seen lately? I've seen a fair few since the December update (or blog!) I did, and I've even reviewed a couple of those such as Camp Blood 2, Cyborg Cop and Fortress 2. Camp blood 2 cost me 19p on DVD, which I couldn't believe so I naturally had to buy it for a good old laugh and man, I certainly laughed. You can too if you watch this video:
Oh and how the hell can I forget Death Wish 3? This movie has to be seen I swear, it's the only movie where you'll see an OAP running around with endless weapons and blowing about 200 guys away. Charles Bronson we saulte you. This review also could do with saluting, it's very entertaining if I do say so myself:
Thanks to the ever-growing list of subscribers who send in lovely messages and film requests. It puzzles me sometimes how people from all over the world love watching the videos that I do for a laugh and tune in every weekend religiously but none of my family or friends watch them unless I ask them to a few hundred times. It's about as weird as re-watching Grim Weekend on DVD despite knowing it's utter crap - yes, I watched it again yesterday for a laugh, I should have just stuck to this 10 minute review instead, I'm sure you'll agree:
As always as a little thanks for reading stuff on here, I'll give you a small exclusive heads up - the next review will be the sequel to that mundane mess called Cyborg Cop. Sadly there's John Rhys-Davies in there calling everybody lad, but I'm sure you'll get over that fact.
Oh, and I hope you've all been working on your impressions of Warwick from The Graveyard Shift from the last review! All the best!

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