Sunday, 12 December 2010

Don't Open Til Christmas

Greetings. If you look at the title you're probably thinking I'm gonna lecture you into not opening your Christmas presents early but you'd be wrong. I'm gonna lecture you about a God-awful movie with that very name "Don't Open Til Christmas".
In terms of classic Shitcase Cinema bad films I manage to review this is right up there with the best of them - think Sleepaway Camp meets Camp Blood pissed up on too much sherry at a Christmas party. I had a laugh at watching it and doing a review but as always it's left me drained and another little break is needed. Don't worry though, I know some of you will already be crying but fear not, it'll only be a week. I'll have a brand new review ready for you all to see on New Years Day. Yep, tune in on 1st January to cure your hangovers by watching a new Shitcase review. I'm not going to tell you what it is although one person already knows as she's been nagging at me for a long time to do it so there you go, now SHUT UP WOMAN! :P
I have to get serious for a moment - yeah, I am able to do this from time to time but it's a rather alien experience for me. I'd like to thank everyone who has been a fan all of this time and continued to watch my videos. I've said in the past I started making movie reviews as something to simply amuse myself and this fact remains but the fact that so many people seem to like what I do gives me a huge amount of satisfaction. It's nothing new, there are literally thousands of random goons out there making movie reviews but I like to think (without sounding arrogant...well, too arrogant) that my reviews are better than some spotty nerd sitting in front of his webcam boring the entire world to death. Actually, let's face it, I'm fucking great, aren't I? Admit it, it's fine :)
I did a diary update last December and mentioned the subscriber total was at 418. I was thrilled with this that so many people were bothered with what I do. As I write this update, it stands at 1,720. That's a nice increase in 12 months I must admit. People say I deserve more. Some people say I deserve my own TV channel. I agree, these people are obviously very smart. Thanks guys!
Yesterday's review of Oasis of Zombies was a laugh to make but man, it was such a boring film. Seems like a few viewers saw fit to make me look like a twat and correct me about the frogs living in deserts fact and Nazi's in a desert. Cheers. See, Shitcase Cinema gets you educated in some weird way. Brilliant!
So, this wraps up 2010. Thanks a bunch for watching and thanks for reading this because this is what the year has boiled down to - this important diary update from yours truly. Review highlights for me personally would be: Zardoz, Camp Blood, Sleepaway Camp, Broken Arrow and probably Bubba Ho-tep. Go watch them again, it'll pass on sometime before the next new Shitcase video. It makes sense, trust me.
Hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy new year. John. 12th Dec 2010.

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