Friday, 29 January 2010

What's happening?

So, what is happening? Not much for Shitcase Cinema. I haven't really worked on anything in the past week, I need motivation to give me a kick up the backside and get working on a new review.
However, don't worry loyal followers of Shitcase Cinema, I have a few reviews already complete and ready to be uploaded so you won't notice a gap at all.
This weekend's upload shall be one of my personal favourite old-school horror flicks, called Horror Express. Yes, it's a little camp and dated by the standards of today but look beyond that and it's a wonderful 85 minutes of horror fun. I hope anyone watching it will enjoy my take on it.
I am trying to get myself ready to review another childhood favourite, Krull, but when I ripped the DVD the audio was 'ruined' by the audio commentary or strangely put into German language! So basically you could say it's useless but I'll try to work my way around that in the following week or so.
I'm trying to constantly think up of new ways to make Shitcase Cinema reach out to a wider audience but I keep hitting a brick wall. Had a lot of positive comments from various sources lately, which is always a great boost, so I thank those people. Thanks to people who keep on watching, fuck the rest of you.

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