Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year Shitcase fans

Yo, so it's now officially 2013. Wow. Next pointless fact.

So it's only one month to go until Shitcase Cinema turns five years old. Fact. What can you expect as a celebration? Well, I'm hoping some mega rich Hollywood movie star will stumble across on Shitcase Cinema and decide to contact me and film a cameo. Failing this idea I have lined up a special guest to appear in a cameo role and the best thing is that he is a full-on Shitcase legend. I'm very excited and you should be too. The five year anniversary videos (yes, two!) will consist of the normal Shitcase awards for the past 12 months, lots of bloopers/outtakes, a compilation of nut punching (ouch), compilation of abuse on Bruce (haha), other randomness and a full on Q&A with Prof Bruce and Johnny Shitcase. Cool dude!

I hope you enjoyed the Conan review we did just before Christmas. Took bloody ages to film everything and edit it all together; had a lot of camera issues and do you remember that wonderful skit of Professor Bruce half naked running around looking for the Wacky Scientist? Well, that had to be recorded a total of three times on three different occasions, much to the annoyance of Bruce. Don't get me wrong, I take no joy in seeing Bruce's beer belly on display but I knew that even if nobody was amused by the footage then at least I'd laugh at it. I love coming up with daft skits and telling Bruce to do this and that.

2012 was a wonderful year in terms of the videos we put out. I personally think the year produced some of the best Shitcase material ever and this covers stuff that is not just the movie reviews but our film audio commentaries on Soundcloud and our monthly 'Shitcast' videos on Facebook. If I had to pick my five favourite Shitcase moments of 2012 then these little beauties would be there:
  1. Kingdom of Gladiators review
  2. Predator audio commentary on Soundcloud
  3. Conan the Destroyer review
  4. Nightmare on Elm Street 2 review
  5. Octopus rap
And here is a random photo I took of Prof Bruce recently while we stock on energy drinks to battle through some shitty movies for a night in. I just happened to carry in my pocket a toy figure with a tash. Normal.

So what can you expect for 2013? I'm not even sure right now as to what the next review will be. No idea whatsoever. I've decided to do no more film audio commentaries because despite the fact that Bruce, Maggit Man and myself had a laugh recording the few we did under the influence there didn't seem to be any real interest at all so the last one is officially the Predator one - which incidentally I think is the funniest one we recorded and is still available to download but don't expect to hear much about the film itself over the one hour forty minutes it lasts.

Hmm, what else? Maggit Man started writing out a feature length movie script which was funny but it would be impossible to film on any level and would cost a record amount of money. I have recently put forward the idea of us scaling ideas down, making it more grounded and seeing if we can get something filmed this year as a feature length special. Don't hold your breath. I also aim to get Professor Bruce to do more reviews himself. It's hard work churning out reviews all the time and keeping them as fresh as you can. How long can I carry on? Who knows. Zardoz knows but I've not seen him for a while. Probably need to drink more booze and get my ninja training up to a supreme ninja.

So I'll wrap this up here, wish you all the best for 2013, thank you for your support over the last five years (if you've been around since the start and I doubt anyone who was is still watching now!) and be a good ninja.

All the best,
John 1st January 2013

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